The Burden of the Past

MMACredit: Shanghai Daily

I posted a comment on a recent article in the New York Times.

The article titled “M.M.A. Fighter’s Pummeling of Tai Chi Master Rattles China” was published on May 10, 2017. To read it, click on Article. 

The reaction to the recent contest between the past (wushu) and the present (MMA) can be felt in China almost every day. Does the past define us, or should we consider the realities of the world we live in? 

Confucius, who lived 2,500 years ago, is advocated in China as the source of inspiration for the present, even if he had no constructive role for women, a high respect for the status quo and a belief in a highly hierarchical society. His philosophy is used by the current leadership to justify their approach on how to run China. 

TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) squares off against Western medicine, with the government heavily promoting TCM. Western medicine is heavily influence by the scientific method, while TCM believes in energy flows in the body that have yet to be proven scientifically.  

The 5,000-year old history of China might be a burden to the society as it excuses practices that should be questioned and in need of a scientific validation. The Age of Enlightenment has yet to reach China.  

This kerfuffle proves again the challenges of China to accept a scientific experiment against historical beliefs.

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